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Moving to Gatsby

June 09, 2019

I’m moving this site to a new platform, built using Gatsby and hosted on Netlify I’m still running it behind Cloudflare, mostly because cloudflare has free DNS hosting for my domain.

I was running on Wordpress for a number of years, but it was slow and expensive (especially since I don’t write that much). Then I tried Jekyll on Github Pages for a while, but I never really liked Jekyll (especially since I’m not a Ruby dev).

Next I started putting a few posts on Medium but I don’t like their paywalling.

So we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully I can start sharing more posts now that I have a well-working platform.

Trond Hindenes

Hi, I'm Trond Hindenes, SRE lead at RiksTV. Fan of Python, drones, cloud and snowboarding. I'm on twitter.