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Exploring distributed tracing using Traefik, Jaeger and Flask

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We are always looking for ways to improve or insights into how our apps are doing. We currently have a well-working Elastic stack set up, but we’re definetely seeing shortcomings in just relying on logs. That’s not Elasticsearch’s fault btw. We’ve also looked at several of the commercial offerings, but none of them seem to… […]

Replaying http traffic using Traefik, Kinesis Firehose and Aws Lambda

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The challenge of realistic load testing is an issue that keeps reappearing on our radar at RiksTV. Due to a planned major rewrite of one of our most resource-intensive apis, time had come to do something about it. The challenge of load testing (as we see it), is to be able to immitate “real” user […]

Using Traefik as a Kubernetes Ingress Controller for both internal and external traffic

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We’re super-happy with our Traefik setup, and since there seems to be a lot of discussions around Traefik and Kubernetes, I thought I’d share some info about our setup. Don’t consider it “reference” by any means, rather “some ppl do it this way and it’s apparently working pretty well”. We have a ton of rest […]

How we’re maintaining SQL Server Database infos in git

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As part of our current migration from a legacy hosting provider to AWS, we’re moving a number of databases into AWS RDS (Amazon’s Paas-ish database platform). Note to the reader: This post is about automation on MS SQL Server. Be aware that “database lingo” is inconsistent between the various engines, and that “schema” and “database” […]

Infrastructure service discovery in a Windows-based, non-containerized world

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I’ve spent so much time in the world of Kubernetes lately, that I wanted to write about something completely different – even old-school by some standard. Data is an important part of what we do at my employer, and Elasticsearch is one of our main tools to figure out what our systems are doing. We’ve […]

London Calling! Conferences ahoi coming up

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Happy to report that I will be giving multiple sessions around Ansible and Windows in September. The first one is at winops (, where I’ll be talking about our learnings from implementing Ansible during the last 12-18 months. I’ll touch on some technical things, but I will also be discussing the “soft” side of taking […]

I just replaced Windows 10 with Linux on my main laptop, and here’s why

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As I’m writing this my computer is downloading some new bits – not from Windows update but from apt (wherever that may be). I just installed Linux on my main laptop, the one I’m using 8-15 hours a day to get stuff done and to learn things. It’s funny, coming from a very Microsoft-centric background, […]

Getting just the right amount of concurrency in Ansible

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This is something I’ve been working on for a while, and as I figure it might be something others also might be struggling with, I thought I’d share: Configuration management is this incredibly powerful thing where servers “take care of themselves” – at least that’s the idea. Real life is often far more messy. Automated […]

Automating SQL Server credential rotation using Hashicorp Vault

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When looking for a secret management solution last year we actually decided┬ánot to go with Vault, for a couple of different reasons, the most important was that we needed something lightweight and simple to set up as we (I) had so much going on that we (I) just didn’t have the time to dig deep […]